Meet Montana Roofing Solutions

Here is a little glimpse into our family and what to expect when you meet Montana Roofing Solutions! We look forward to serving the Flathead Valley and giving customers an experience that is both educational and easy!



Anthony grew up in the Midwest and moved to Bozeman to attend college at Montana State University. He studied business and always knew that eventually he wanted to run his own company. He and Mariah met in Bozeman and moved back to Wisconsin while he worked for several different companies. There he found his passion for roofing. Fast forward a few years and kids later, and he is back in Montana living out his dream of running his own business with a side of snowboarding and hiking!



Mariah grew up in Kalispell and moved to Bozeman to attend Montana State University, where she met Anthony. They moved to Wisconsin and had three kids there, and their forth was born in Whitefish.  She loves being home with the kids and is an Olympic laundry folder and mess picker upper, and wouldn’t have it any other way!


Hadlee is the sass master of the family and owns any room she walks into. She loves anything to do with coloring, painting, stickers, and crafting in general. She needs her nails painted every other day, and makes her opinions known. She is a whole lot of spicy and just enough sweet!



Beckham loves to learn about anything dad is doing, and is the master of disassembling anything and everything. He likes to be outside and has more energy than a 500 acre windmill plant. He and Bridger find great enjoyment in screaming at the top of their lungs and wreaking havoc wherever they go. He is also super sweet, and loves to love up on baby Hudson with lots of kisses and hugs!



Bridger was our easiest going child until he learned how to walk. Now he wants to do everything his big brother does when they are together! He loves Blippi more than he loves his parents, and would apply for adoption if he knew how. He will talk your ear off, and sings the garbage truck song to himself before he goes to sleep… and in the car… and to annoy you.



Hudson is still pretty new, but he is so sweet and everyone loves to love on him! Mom had to fight everyone off just to feed him at first. He is settling in great though and we can’t wait to watch him and his personality grow!



Montana Roofing Solutions and our family is excited to be back in the Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and Bigfork area to serve you and assist with any roofing needs!

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