We know your schedule can be busy and the last thing most homeowners want to do is take time off work, or use that time to meet with roofing contactors for their roof replacement in Kalispell. We are obsessed with finding better ways to serve our customers and one of our goals is to make your roof replacement easy and hassle free, from the first time you contact us, until the job is finished. We partnered with HOVER to help you spend less time finding a roofing contactor near you.


HOVER is an easy to use mobile app for your smartphone that creates a 3D model of your house and provides us accurate measurements to be able to give you a roof replacement estimate in Kalispell. Check out our YouTube video below for an easy tutorial on how to use the app!



Easy Steps To Get Your Kalispell Roof Replacement Estimate

If YouTube isn’t your jam, here is a outline of how you can use HOVER to get a roof replacement estimate from us. Of course, you are always welcome to call and schedule a traditional appointment and inspection as well.

1) Navigate To Our Website

Navigate to our website and scroll down until you see the image below and click on ‘See how it works’ or click here to open a new tab and automatically go to the page.


2) Fill Out The ‘Contact Us’ Form

Fill out the contact us form and in the message box make sure to add your address and phone number along with a message that indicates to us that you are looking for a virtual roof replacement estimate and 3D model. Example: ‘Virtual estimate / 3D model’. Submit!


3) We Will Contact You!

We will call you and ask a couple of easy introductory questions to better understand your needs and help find a solution for your roof replacement. You will receive a text message with a link to download the HOVER application. Download and follow the prompts inside the application to receive your 3D model!


4) Enjoy Designing With Your 3D model!

The 3D model of your house is an amazing design tool and super easy to use. It makes selecting roofing and siding colors a breeze. Enjoy!



5) Roof Replacement Estimate

During our introductory phone call we will schedule a time to meet and review the roof replacement estimate with you. Easy!



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