Inspecting and maintaining your roof and foundation is essential to keeping your home in top condition – and it makes financial sense, too. In the past, inspecting your roof meant hauling out a ladder and putting yourself in danger to get a good look. But today, drone technology has made traditional roof inspection quicker, easier, and safer than ever.

Thanks to aerial imaging, a drone pilot can do roof inspections of your roof without anyone needing to step foot on it. And the best part? The cost of drone roof inspections is relatively affordable. It ranges between $100 and 600%. The price could also go higher spending on the services required.

Here’s everything you need to know about drone roof inspection prices for getting a quote on your new roof.

Factors Affecting Drone Roof Inspection Pricing?

The drone roof inspection industry is still in its infancy, so pricing can vary widely from one provider to the next. However, a few key factors will affect the cost of your drone roof inspection.

The Size of the Roof

The roof size is, of course, a significant factor regarding the price of a drone roof inspection. The larger the roof, the more time it will take to inspect it, and the more footage will need to be collected, meaning larger roofs will typically cost more to inspect than smaller ones.

However, it’s important to remember that the price per square foot of drone roof inspections will vary per company. For instance, a company with high-end drones will ask for more money per square footage than those with standard drones. However, both types of drones will most likely provide the same results.

As such, it’s always important to get quotes from multiple providers to ensure you get the best deal.

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Type of the Roof

Another factor that can affect drone roof inspection pricing is the type of roof you have. For example, a metal roof will reflect heat differently than an asphalt roof, so the roof inspector must consider that when reviewing the footage.

If your roof is made of a roofing material that’s difficult to inspect (say, slate or tile), the fee may be higher to cover the extra time and effort required.

However, no matter what kind of roof you have, you can rest assured that your roof inspector will give it the Once-Over with a fine-toothed comb – or, in this case, a top-of-the-line drone with a high-definition camera.

The Complexity of the Roof’s Design

The roof’s design’s complexity also contributes to the drone inspection’s price. A simple gable roof, for example, will be much quicker and easier to inspect than a mansard roof with numerous dormers and valleys.

Also, a pitched roof is more difficult to inspect than a flat roof, so the price for pitched roof inspections will be higher than the price for a flat roof inspection.

Accessibility and Location of the Building

There are a few key factors that affect drone roof inspection pricing. The first is accessibility. The drone inspection should be relatively inexpensive if the drone pilot can easily reach your property and no obstacles prevent the drone pilot from getting a clear roof view.

However, the drone inspection will likely be more expensive if the property is difficult to access or has many trees or other obstacles that could block the drone’s view.

Another factor that affects pricing is the property location. The cost for the drone inspection will be higher if the property is located in a GEO-locked area or with restrictive airspace regulations. Flying in the country differs from flying in a city center, as drone flights have more restrictions in urban areas.

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Climatic Conditions

Unfavorable climatic conditions like wind and rain pose risks when flying a drone. That’s why most roof inspectors usually charge extra when there is bad weather. They have to cover the risk associated with operating at such a time.

So, if you’re looking to inspect your roof by a drone, be sure to factor in the climate conditions. It might cost you a little bit more. Ideally, you could wait until the weather clears up, but it’s worth it for peace of mind.

Services Required

Drone Roof Inspection Cost also increases according to the services required. Some of the extra services include:

Thermal Imaging

One of the most significant factors affecting the cost of drone roof inspections is whether or not thermal imaging is used.

Thermal imaging is a specialized form of camera that can detect heat signatures, which is incredibly useful for finding potential issues with the roof, as hot spots often indicate areas of damage or leaks.

At the same time, thermal imaging does add to the overall cost of the inspection; it improves the accuracy and efficiency of the inspection. As a result, it can save money in the long run by detecting issues before they become severe.

3D Mapping

The cost of drone roof inspection has been rising in recent years, partly due to the increasing use of 3D mapping technology. This technology allows for a more detailed and accurate view of the roof, which can help to identify potential problems more quickly.

In addition, 3D mapping can also help to create a virtual model of the roof, which can be used for training purposes or to provide an accurate quote for repair work.

As a result, the use of 3D mapping technology is likely to increase the cost of drone roof inspection in the future. Despite the rising cost, drone roof inspection remains an affordable option for many homeowners and businesses.

The average cost of a drone roof inspection is still significantly lower than the cost of traditional aerial photography. As such, drone roof inspections will likely play an essential role in the construction and maintenance industries.

3D mapping and infrared imaging can cost between $400 and $600. This price could change depending on the aforementioned roof factors.

These are some of the most common factors contributing to drone roof inspection costs. However, you can work around them to ensure you get the most favorable prices.

Key Takeaway

Drone roof inspections are often used to find potential issues with the roof that could lead to costly repairs.

Earlier, this was a manual process that was both time-consuming and dangerous. However, with the advent of drone inspections, roofers can now get a detailed aerial view of the roof without harming themselves.

Not only is this faster and more efficient, but it also allows your roof inspector to do a more accurate inspection. With prices ranging from $100 and less than $1000, even for a complex roof inspection, it’s safe to say drone roof inspection is affordable.

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