Roofing issues can be a pain, so here is a list of drinks you can pair with common roofing issues to help you get through this hard time!


1: Margarita Bucket For a Roof Leak

Roof leaks can be a source of anxiety and can happen for a variety of reasons. We recommend a classic margarita in a bucket when you are struggling with roof leaks. If a bucket is not readily available a jumbo size glass will suffice in emergency situations, but remember bucket is best! The reason this is a great option for when your roof has sprung a leak is because the faster you drink, the less you’ll have to worry. Once your drink is all gone you have the perfect receptacle to catch any water that may be coming through your ceiling. When the bucket stops working, contact us and we’ll be happy to help get the leak fixed permanently!


2: Jägerbomb For Damaged Flashing

Flashing is used on all of the walls and penetrations on the roof, like chimneys or skylights. It is one of the most vital areas of the roofing system and needs to be installed properly. If your flashing is damaged, your liver might as well be too! Nothing like Red Bull and some cough syrup to do the job. Bonus points: Jäger is so thick and syrupy it might even fill in some of those pesty cracks!

3: Hot Toddy For Ice Dams

If you have ice dams, chances are its pretty cold where you live. They can wreak havoc on a roofing system from ripping off gutters to loosening shingles and causing leaks. Let a hot toddy warm you up, while your roofing professional melts all your problems away.

Ice Dam

4: Whiskey For Hail Damage

You’ve gotta love a good hail storm, and the best part is most insurance will cover the tab on this one! If the hail is large enough, just pop outside quick and grab yourself the largest piece you can find. Voilà! Whiskey on the rocks!


5: Everclear For Tree Damage

If you’re unlucky enough to have a tree fall into your roof, then I hope you live in a state where Everclear is legal. If it isn’t legal we highly recommend you make sure any trees in close proximity to your house are removed immediately! Vodka could work in a pinch, but is not nearly as effective.

6: Wine For Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters can be caused by loose granules from old or worn shingles, or build up from leaves and sticks falling into them. Having clogged gutters is a good reminder to keep that heart and your circulatory system healthy! Research seems to be in favor of wine helping to reduce plaque in clogged arteries, and while we aren’t medical professionals it’s worth a try!


Roofing issues like the ones listed above can cause serious damage to the inside of your house and should always be inspected by a professional as soon as possible. Call Montana Roofing Solutions for a free inspection if you encounter any of these issues and we can help you breathe easy and remove the need for any of the six drinks! (At least from roofing issues).

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